Beard Care 101


For thousands of years, beards have been a symbol of structure, wisdom, strength and manhood. In some cultures, it's even considered a sacred symbol. For example, King Solomon in the Bible was arguably considered the wisest men on earth and he had a beard in his old age! Samson was arguably the strongest man to ever walk the earth and possessed great strength in his hair, but we can't forget the look his beard gave him! Therefore, don't neglect your beard and give it the attention it deserves to possess that same wisdom and strength!

Proud to say that all Debonair Beard and Co products are sulfate, silicone, and paraben-free, and the fragrances are amazing. All products take a dime size or less for maximum use, so don't expect to run out of your product any time soon! My personal favorite scent is Mister Debonair, I mean why else would I name it to be the signature scent of the brand. We have products for everyone but if you are just starting out on this beard care journey, the Mini Deluxe Beard Kit is a great way to jump in the game and get things moving in the right direction at an affordable cost.



As you progress in this beard game, you'll come up with your own routine. However its imperative to remember the CMS method. That is cleansing, moisturizing, and sealing all that good moisture and those ingredients in. Below is just a small tip to start your routine.

Wash (every 2-3 days) - Oil and Butter (daily) - Balm (as needed) - Hydrating Mist (nightly) - Exfoliating Scrub (once-twice a week)

To learn how to really use each product and for a more in depth look into growing a full healthy beard, purchase the brand new Beginner Beard Care for The Bearded Brotha e-book today.