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Posted by Debonair Beard Co on 5th Aug 2021

Barbers And Beards | Beard Care Business | Barber Retail

Attention all barbers and barbershop owners, Debonair Beard Co is looking to do business with you. Carrying our products is an additional stream of income for your establishment and also a valued product asset to your client.

Beard Balm - Guys love beards because, supposedly, they don’t take much work – and this is how they end up with dry and tangled whiskers that are impossible to control. Help them out by pointing out a good, all-natural beard balm.

Beard Oil - The number one mistake men make when growing out a poorly maintained beard: shaving it off. And you can understand why: a dry and scruffy beard can itch like crazy. The right oil will keep the area hydrated and make sure the follicles are well-fed, eliminating the irritation.

Beard Comb - The key to great-looking facial hair that isn’t prone to knots or tangling: consistency, and the right comb. A heavy comb that comes with wide and medium width options will make neatening up easy enough to do in minutes, on the go.

If you’ve ever wondered what products to sell in your barbershop or salon, the answer is pretty simple: everything a guy doesn’t know he needs.

Cut a man’s hair or trim his beard and he’ll look great for six weeks. Show him the value of a good beard butter, wash, balm or oil, and how to comb his hair and beard regularly to stay stylish all through the day, and he’ll trust you forever.