Is Beard Oil Important When It Comes To Beard Care

Posted by Debonair Beard Co on 19th Aug 2021

Is Beard Oil Important When It Comes To Beard Care

Beard Oil: Is It Really Important?

Let me start off by saying thanks for being here. This topic was brought up so I decided to jump right in and give my thoughts. Yes beard oil is an important component with helping your beard reach its optimal potential. It seems like beard oil is everywhere today. If you've ever Googled how to grow or repair your beard, chances are you encountered dozens of stores, articles, and ads for the product. Beard oil is a facial hair and skin conditioning oil. Our Beard Oil is loaded with sources of antioxidants and antibacterial agents to soften the beard, improve shine, and facilitate healthy beard growth.

What Does Beard Oil Do?

Beard oil has lots of nice benefits but what its great at is eliminating itchy, dry beards that have irritation or beardruff. It also adds luster and shine to beards that just don't have it. When used correctly beard oil will bring dull beards back to life and play a huge role in repairing damaged beards that are prone to breakage while promoting beard growth.

When Should I Use Beard Oil?

So when should you use beard oil? The great thing about quality beard oil is that there’s no wrong time to use it. What we have found is using it right after a shower or washing your beard is ideal for a few reasons. Warm water opens up your pores which allow beard oil to penetrate your skin and absorb more easily. The same goes with your hair. This is the best time to use our growth oil or any of our other beard care products. Keeping your beard moisturized and clean is key for growth. The skin underneath also need attention, as it’ll be less likely to get that nice lotion down to it. Beard oil can help, but it’s going to go along with a regular cleaning regiment. That’s right; shampoo your face every so often! Get in there good, so you get the food and dirt out of your beard! Dry it gently. Pat it with a towel. If it’s not at wizard-length, you probably don’t need to blow dry it. And then, the nice beard oil is the topping on the cake. Beard oil doesn’t replace cleaning. It just helps get that hair nice and soft afterwards, which makes it look and feel awesome.

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