Ladies Love Bearded Men | Pogonophile | Women And Beards

Posted by Debonair Beard Co on 21st Aug 2021

Ladies Love Bearded Men | Pogonophile | Women And Beards

In 2021 there should be no question about ladies loving a bearded man. I mean by now, it’s a well-known fact right? Don’t get me wrong, the clean shaven, baby face nelson dudes still get love but it’s nothing like us bearded, majestic kings. You may call me bias considering I’m bearded, but like all bearded men, I too was once clean cut, and let me tell ya, the attention given is definitely is not the same.

A new study found that women perceive men with facial hair to be more attractive as well as physically & socially dominant women tend to associate more masculine faces with physical strength, social assertiveness, and formidability. However, you know just like I do that those so-called studies be skewed, so I had to get out in these streets and do my own. After conducting a survey through my social media pages, getting out and asking women face to face for their preferences, the results did indeed show that the bearded man is preferred but 90% of those ladies also stated that it needs to be well-groomed. No lady wants a man with a straggly, prickly, stinky beard. Fellas, if we are going to grow it, we absolutely have to groom it.

There is something special about a beard. I mean you do realize that beards are the new six pack lol. They are indeed a man’s most exquisite feature and one that transforms your look almost as much as women do with makeup. I’ve even heard the term beard fishing because beards tend to give men a totally different look than without having it. Saying all this only further stress the importance of proper upkeep. The more I travel down this entrepreneur journey with Debonair Beard Co, the more I’ve found out just how much goes into properly caring for your beard. Its hair and just like that of a woman, the beard hair needs to stay clean, be conditioned, and properly hydrated/moisturized. Without those things, the beard will severely suffer. I mean breakage; dryness, itching, and irritation are only some issues. What woman wants to deal with that? You might as well cut the beard off.

Speaking to the ladies, all the points mentioned above were paramount. The ladies stated that men with great smelling beards are so much easier to cuddle with. The alluring smell is intoxicating and just keeps them wanting to be up under you more and more. Another take on the debate was the way the beard feels. One woman went on to say that nobody wants to have to deal with a tough ass beard. Even if it looks good, if it’s hard and crunchy, it’s a no-go. The crazy part of her explanation got explicit. Fellas, she told me that when we are pleasuring her, the beard acts as an extra stimulator as it tickles her in all the right places. However if the beard is hard, it hurts and who the hell wants to be scratched all up while trying to have some exhilarating intimacy. I couldn’t do anything but laugh and agree. I mean if I was a woman, I’m sure I would feel the exact same way. Finally, ladies love to run their hands through the beard. Now as much as they like this, I know that allowing them to always do it can get annoying but you know just like I do that we love that shit too and hell letting them run their hands through our beard can always lead to the next base kmsl. Ladies are affectionate and this is simply another way to show their affection through touch.

Debonair Beard Co offers everything needed to all men who want amazing products to keep their beards on POINT! Fellas, there are hundreds of thousands of women that love and prefer beards, well-kept BEARDS! So make sure you are taking full advantage of this beard line, remember cleanse-condition-moisture! Lets keep these ladies loving the facial hair by maintaining it with a consistent routine using the best beard care products available. Lets make sure we care with DEBONAIR.