The Difference Between Beard Balm and Beard Butter

Posted by Debonair Beard Co on 24th Feb 2020

The Difference Between Beard Balm and Beard Butter

Let me see how I can get this thing started. With there being so many beard care companies and beard products on the market, what leads you to ultimately pick which company and product(s)? Is it the promise to have you grow a beard down to the middle of your chest? Is it brand recognition? What about just good ole word of mouth? Well at Debonair Beard Co, I won’t promise you your beard will grow down to your belly just by using products but I will say that superior products combined with proper care, diet, and of course great genetics will have your beard healthy as hell and you'll have the growth to show for it. I also will promise that my selection of beard care products will absolutely blow you away and the customer service will be second to none. However, that's not why we are here right now lol. We are here because when it comes to the products offered at Debonair Beard Co, I always get the question about the Beard Balm and Beard Butter. It’s always which is better? What is the difference and can they be used together or should they be bought separate. Well after reading the rest of this blog, I hope to answer each of these questions and much more about these two outstanding products. Once you finish, you should have plenty of new knowledge about the two and able to make a decision on which fits your beard care needs the best or if both are actually the right product for you.

First we'll start with the beard balm. Beard balm is a product that has a great hold, helps keep the beard conditioned, tames flyaway hairs, and is great at locking in moisture. It also is a product that can double as a styling agent. The product made with a mix of several ingredients, most of which include things like beeswax, shea or mango butter, essential oils and/or natural carrier oils. Basically beard balm is a product that makes sure your beard is tamed and well groomed.

Beard butter on the other hand is a product that is generally made up of natural butters and oils. It provides a light hold but not as strong as the beard balm due to it having very little but most times no beeswax or other ingredient to provide the strong hold like balm. Its main components are shea or mango butters and the natural oils. Beard butter serves as a deep conditioner to soften and moisturize both your beard and the skin beneath. Natural butters such as shea butter absorb into the beard hair giving the beard a fuller appearance. Because beeswax is not a part of beard butter, beard butter has more a creamy texture. This soft consistency will ensure full coverage to your hair follicles, skin and facial hair which helps to hydrate, deep condition, and soften your hair and the skin beneath. Beard butter is the perfect option if you're looking to manage beard itch or have dry skin or dandruff.

Now that you know what each product is and its purpose, have you made a decision on which is better for your beard care needs? They are both great products and serve purposes on the beard journey but it all comes down to what look and results you are searching for. If you want more control and hold to tame flyway hairs, beard balm may be the choice for you. If you are looking for deep conditioning to soften and promote better healthy beard growth, but still want a light hold to style your beard, beard butter may be the right choice.

I recommend adding both to your beard care routine, since they each have different uses and benefits. Beard butter is excellent to use at night before bed to deeply hydrate your facial hair and skin. Beard balm is great to use during the day to tame, style and to provide hold. I highly recommend trying both the beard butter and balm of Debonair Beard Co. My formulas are created with high quality ingredients and are all natural. They will surely add value to your routine and your beard will thank you lol. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at I’m here to support you and answer any questions you may have.

Mr. Debonair