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Green Sandalwood & Ox Horn Beard Comb

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You'll absolutely love this wide-tooth natural comb! It’s pure and natural green sandalwood spliced with found ox horn. Each comb is unique and will actually change color over time. How many combs can say that? The Ox Horn teeth on this comb are perfectly spaced to give maximum comfort for those who have a coarse or dense facial hair profile. Ox Horn is made out of keratin, the same as your hair, so it’s less harsh overall. The comb also has a natural sandalwood scent that will have you combing in comfort and calming your senses. 

What could be better than a Sandalwood Beard Comb or an Ox Horn Beard Comb you ask? This new beard comb using both! :) The spine of the comb is made with hand carved Australian Sandalwood, and then sanded and engraved. The teeth of this wide-tooth comb are hand carved and shaped, sanded, and polished from a solid piece of horn. All of this to make each comb completely unique and truly Badass!

The advantage of ox horn over plastic or nylon is that it doesn't create static electricity, and the entire piece is smooth without any seams or burs which allows the comb to pass through hair without snagging. It is also slightly stronger than wood.