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Our Beard Butter is made in house and formulated with premium, all-natural ingredients that hydrate and condition your facial hair and skin. The creamy, soft butter melts down instantly in your palms and applies like a balm. It can be paired with beard oil in your morning routine or at night as a 'leave in conditioner'. 

What is Beard Butter?

Debonair Beard Butter is an all-natural beard conditioner. It is formulated with premium, all-natural ingredients that hydrate and condition your facial hair. The creamy, soft butter is easy to remove from the jar and melts instantly in your palms. We recommend applying butter after beard oil in your morning routine or at night as a 'leave in conditioner'.

What is it Used For?

Beard Butter is used to hydrate, condition and soften your beard. It's also excellent for replenishing your skins natural oils and combating dry, itchy skin. The butter melts instantly in your hands, is easy to apply and offers a light, natural hold.

Beard Balm vs Beard Butter

Debonair Beard Co Beard Balm and Beard Butter are both manufactured with premium, all-natural ingredients. Debonair Beard Balm contains beeswax and is the perfect option for conditioning and taming fly aways. Beard Butter does not contain beeswax and therefore has a softer, creamier consistency with a lighter, natural hold. Both are used with beard oil to promote healthier skin and faster, thicker hair growth.

How To Use It:

A little butter, goes a long way! Remove a small amount of butter and melt between hands, then apply to beard starting at the roots. Apply more as necessary and use any excess to condition your hair.

Size: 4 ounces


A Shave & A Haircut - Clean fresh barbershop scent, this smells like you just got out the barber chair after getting a fresh cut and feeling like a new person

Distinguished Gent - This fragrance is a blend of earth sage, luxurious talc and lemon-lime.

Fantasy Island - This fragrance is a fragrance full of little gold gems of citrus and infused with an exhilarating coconut finish.

Mister Debonair - The luxurious scent of fine woods blended with light scents of lavender and geranium notes (Signature Scent) #1

Sugar Daddy - This scent is a blend of clove, orange peel, cinnamon & maple with mid note of apple pectin and honey. The base notes are vanilla and brown sugar


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    Beard Butter

    Posted by Darren O'Neal on 25th Aug 2023

    This beard butter is the best. I use the beard butter with the beard balm and this is absolutely the truth!!!!! Debonair Beard Co is the best on the market!!!!

  • 5
    Beard Butter

    Posted by Eshad on 20th Jul 2023

    Excellent product and smell

  • 5

    Posted by GAIL on 23rd May 2023

    I love the natural ingredients and the smell of the beard butter. It is rich and smooth. It does exactly what is supposed to do. I love the smell of the beard butter on my son. I will definitely be purchasing more for him. Thanks, DEBONAIR BEARD CO!!!!

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