Mental Health Is So Important

Posted by Correy Miller/CEO of Debonair Beard Co on on 26th Apr 2023

Wzup family. For the last few weeks I've struggled with should I post this or not. I mean it has absolutely nothing to do with beard care products or Debonair Beard Co but in my opinion it may be the most important post I've ever sent. For the last few months I totally took a hiatus from everyone and everything. I needed to find myself and begin doing some real in depth work. I was tired of running from the problems, tired of masking things, tired of trying to get under to get over, and just tired of trying to be in control. It was time to step back, evaluate, and truly fix. It was time to put myself first.

Mentally I've been struggling for a while. Depression is real, mental health is real. Us strong individuals always find a way to look great on the outside while internally we're hurting. Ya know, playing a role for the world. In doing so, we actually are hurting ourselves because without truly accepting the issue, addressing the issue, and then doing the work to fix things, we will never be at our best and if you're not good with yourself, you wont be good with/for anyone else.

Vulnerability has never been a strong point of mine. I've never been one to express my emotions and at times I've been quick to let my emotions control the way I react to things. The feeling of my vulnerability being used against me has always been a fear of mine so I've always kept those guards up. Recently I let them down and I indeed was hurt, heartbroken to be exact. I can't lie, some of that pain was of my own fault but the fact that my worst fears materialized still left me shook but they also made me realize a few things. First I had some issues that needed to be worked out if I was gonna be my best. Secondly I needed to get away from the outside world, isolate myself, and seek GOD. I mean I tried talking to friends, tried to just keep moving along as if nothing bothered me but in the end I realized for myself that those things just weren't the answers. I had to do this alone. I had to take the time needed to put myself back on the path of success and winning in life so I came up with a plan.

The last two months I've been in isolation. Yea I still ran Debonair Beard Co because bills had to be paid and my family still needed to be taken care of but other than that, I pretty much been in isolation doing work. This month in particular has really been life altering. At this very moment I am feeling AMAZING. I truly feel good about where things are headed. This month I sat down and set out to accomplish five things. I wrote a list of things I would be dedicated, determined, and disciplined about. These five things would be the beginning of my journey, the beginning of how I would turn my mental health around, the beginning of a fresh start. I leaned on God and myself and I've gotten myself out of a sunken place. I am happy with myself in all aspects. My mental health is good, physically (almost 40lbs down) I'm healthy, emotionally I am great, and even spiritually I'm better. This version of me is the best version and going forward my future is super bright.

I wanted to share some of my story because I know there is someone that may be going through a hard time. You may be struggling with life right now. On the outside you play the role that everything is all good but inside you're hurting. I'm here to tell you that everything will be ok. You have to accept what you're going through and then fight to put the work in. Its okay to not be okay but its not ok to stay that way. Fight, seek God, get counseling, whatever it takes for YOU to be at your absolute best. We only get one shot at this thing called LIFE, make it count. I hope this helps you. You are NOT alone.